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Loss of problem solving abilities 

Throughout regular daily life, we solve a number of problems. Such problems include figuring out when to pay for things and considering how much to pay or how much change is due. Loss of problem solving abilities makes it tough to evaluate things that require analysis or that require skills such as figuring out how to fit several items into a container. Using a calculator cannot solve these types of problem solving deficits, because the issue is not one of trouble with math calculations, but one of trouble figuring out how to formulate the math problem in the first place. 

Comprehension deficits 

Understanding complex concepts becomes difficult with Alzheimer's disease. This can affect the comprehension of books, movies and jokes. But the way that comprehension problems more predominantly affect daily life is by interfering with the ability to understand instructions of moderate difficultly. This type of situation could come into play when traveling, using airline tickets, and finding gates at the airport, for example. 

Trouble with tasks requiring skill 

Most people are able to learn moderately complex new skills in order to save time, such as operating a new dishwasher or learning how to check email. However, Alzheimer's disease makes it all but impossible to follow the procedures necessary to complete a multi step process. 

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